A Local within the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association (NJSPBA) with offices located at 158 Main Street in Woodbridge, NJ. We are dedicated to serving the retired Police & Correction Officers who have gone into retirement from active duty whether through regular retirement or as a result of disability. Their years of dedicated service to the communities and agencies that employed them entitle them to representation and benefits that are only available through the PBA. 

Many of our members had been active with the various locals where they were employed and have chosen to remain active by joining the ranks of PBA 600. Retirement is not defined by sitting on the sidelines and watching the world pass you by. To keep abreast of developments in law enforcement and retirement benefits requires our officers and committee chairmen to be actively engaged in traditional Union activities. Our close working relationship with the leadership of the NJSPBA is more than beneficial to the support of our members. 

PBA 600 through its affiliation with the NJSPBA maintains a liaison with the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) which represents Police Officers throughout the United States. 

The ranks of PBA 600 consist of members from far and wide. We come from all parts of New Jersey Law Enforcement and live all over the continental United States. Our members range in age and experience from those in their thirties to those with thirty plus years on the job. We provide the NJSPBA with a gold mine of experience that has helped enhance the state organization and can only improve things in the years ahead. 

To become a member of Local 600 print out an application for membership click “HERE” 


New Jersey State PBA Retired Local #600 Officers {click on image to enlarge}



Tom Lombardi (Millburn PD #34)

Term Expires June 2019 


Executive Vice President

Nate Horowitz (Seaside Heights PD #252)

Term Expires June 2019


1st Vice President

John Sharkey (Union City PD #8)

Term Expires June 2019


2nd Vice President

Lou Tuccillo (NJ State ABC #104)

Term Expires June 2019


3rd Vice President

Carmen Brocato (Westfield #90)

Term Expires June 2019


Financial Secretary

Steve Wilczynski (Metuchen #60)

Term Expires June 2019


Recording Secretary

Ed Frischkorn (Guttenberg PD #88)

Term Expires June 2019


Treasurer / Membership Committee

Tom Milmoe (Irvington PD #29)

Term Expires June 2019



Ed Weimmer (Ocean County Corrections #258)

Term Expires June 2019


Delegate / Benefits Committee

James Toma (Essex County Prosecutors Office #325)

Term Expires June 2020



Carmen Pannullo (Carteret PD #47)

Term Expires June 2019



Peter Eckert (Middlesex County Prosecutors Office #214)

Term Expires June 2019



Ron Beattie (Oakland PD #164)

Term Expires June 2019


Dave Palentchar ( Scotch Plains #87)

Term Expires June 2019


Walt Sudol (Fairlawn PD #67)

Term Expires June 2020


Marty Barrett (Fort Lee PD #245)

Term Expires June 2020


Bob Demarco (NJ State ABC #104)

Term Expires June 2018


Steve Kaminsky (Middlesex County Prosecutors Office #214)

Term Expires June 2018


Rich Dutka (Edison Township #75)

Term Expires June 2018


Website  Administrator

Bob Fiorentino (NJ State Fish & Wildlife #120/105)


Local 600 County Representatives 

The main functions of our County Reps are to represent PBA Local 600 at County Conference meetings.  Those meetings are held monthly at their respective locations.  Our Reps exchange information both current and past, discuss legislation and apprise the membership (of the County) on pending issues important to our local & the County Conferences.  We inform members anticipating retirement, the process of joining PBA Local 600, the benefits of joining Local 600, all updated information on our PFRS, medical, legislative, and monetary issues.  Our Reps report back to the membership of PBA Local 600 following their attendance at the County Conference meetings. The exchange of information between the active PBA members and our Local is valuable to us and to them.  We maintain a good relationship with all active PBA Locals and our Parent (NJSPBA) organization.  Any information that has to be presented to a specific PBA Local, in regard to benefits, etc, is done through our Reps and their County Conference Organizations. It’s a great system and works pretty good.  If any retired PBA member that belongs to our Local (600) is interested in becoming a Rep in the “VACANT” counties, please contact Executive Vice President Nate Horowitz. 


The following members of PBA 600 are the County Representatives: 

Chairman:  Nate Horowitz, Executive VP Local 600 

Co-Chairman: Dennis Kilhbeg, Essex County Representative 

Atlantic/Cape May: Bill Griffiths 

Bergen: Tod Coletta 

Burlington/Glouster:  VACANT 

Camden: VACANT 

Cumberland: VACANT 

Essex: Dennis Kihlberg 

Hudson: Edward Frischkorn 

Hunterdon/Sussex/Warren: Dave Palentchar 

Mercer: Joseph Valdora 

Middlesex/Somerset: Richard Chartier 

Monmouth: John McGuire 

Morris: Robert Jordan 

Ocean: Ed Weimmer 

Passaic: VACANT 

Salem: No Conference 

Union:  Carmen Brocato